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Importance of FSA


What is FSA?

In accordance to the School Act, Coast Mountains School District 82 (CMSD82), will be administering the Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) to all grade 4 and 7 students from October 3 to November 10, 2022.  This is an annual province-wide assessment of all B.C. students’ academic skills in grades 4 and 7, and provides parents, teachers, schools, school districts and the Ministry of Education and Child Care with important information on how well students are progressing in the foundation skills of Literacy and Numeracy.

Why is the FSA important? 
To ensure that we continue to support successful learning, we routinely check our students’ growth and achievement.  The FSA assesses basic knowledge and skills in literacy and numeracy.  The FSA provides a systems level accountability check to ensure that we are delivering aligned learning experiences for all.

A key goal within our Board of Education’s new Strategic Plan ‘Engage, Ignite, Empower’ is focused on all students realizing their full potential, and a continued focus on improving the essential skills of literacy and numeracy is critical to this work.  Teachers and school staff are working diligently toward this outcome in their classrooms, and the FSA is one of several important ways that we ensure children are succeeding at school and are on track with their learning.

CMSD82 Superintendent Aaron Callaghan shared the following letter with Grade 4 and 7 parents/guardians regarding the upcoming FSA:

Superintendent Letter to Grade 4&7 Parents-Guardians re Upcoming FSA
(click on link to open)


  • The FSA is designed by BC teachers and education experts to assess your child’s progress with reading, writing and numeracy.
  • The FSA is written in sections that are spread over six weeks (October 3 to November 10, 2022).  Most students require a total of 4.5 hours over those 6 weeks to complete all the components of the FSA. Students requiring additional time are provided with that time.
  • Parents and guardians receive a summary of their child’s progress on the FSA and can discuss this with the school if they have questions. FSA scores are not included on report cards.
  • The First Nations Leadership Council of BC strongly supports the FSA, identifying it as an important tool to assist learning and gauge system progress in improving outcomes for Indigenous learners.

All grade 4 and 7 students are expected to write this assessment.  Accommodations are available if needed and as documented in a student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP).  School Principals can exempt students from writing the FSA only in case of a family emergency, a lengthy illness, or other extenuating circumstances.

How Can Parents Help?

  • Talk to your child about the FSA.  Explain why we complete it and cheer them on.  This is a chance for CMSD82 students to show what they know!
  • Ensure your child gets lots of rest and good nutrition.
  • Read through the information and help your child try the sample questions available at the BC Ministry of Education’s website on Foundation Skills Assessment (click on link to open).

Parents and caregivers should contact their School Principal if they have any questions or they require additional information.

Thank you for your support of the Foundational Skills Assessment and ongoing partnership in your children’s learning.


Welcome to the 2022-2023 School Year!

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the 2022-2023 school year here in Coast Mountains School District.  I hope you have had an enjoyable summer break with some time to both relax and recharge, as well as pursue some of your personal interests.

The return to school is an exciting time for staff, students, and their families, often accompanied by a new-found energy and optimism for the year ahead.  For me, this year in particular brings a great sense of enthusiasm for the opportunities to build positive relationships that support the well-being and engagement of students in meaningful learning within classrooms that are welcoming, safe and inclusive.

This year Coast Mountains School District will embark on the Board of Education’s new strategic plan – Engage, Ignite, Empower – focused on student academic success and school community wellness, all while embracing and honouring the rich cultures and diversity within our classrooms and school environments.  You are encouraged to have a look at the 2022-2027 Strategic Plan (access link to view).

This communication includes important school start-up and bussing information for our school communities (as detailed below).  Please do not hesitate to contact the school should you have any questions or require further clarification.  For your convenience, we provide a link to the CMSD82 2022-2023 School Contact Information.

Again, welcome to the 2022-2023 school year!  We all look forward to seeing you in September.

Aaron Callaghan
Superintendent of Schools


Pre-registration for all schools (with the exception of the Northwest Trades & Employment Training Centre) will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday, August 30 and 31, 2022 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Students not pre-registered should register on these dates.

District Schools will open on Tuesday, September 6 for all students (except Kindergarten).

  • Kindergarten students are requested to begin attending on the date arranged by the school.
  • Buses will make their morning runs at the usual time and their return runs after students have been in attendance for approximately two hours EXCEPT for students enrolled at Hazelton Secondary, Kitwanga Elementary, Majagaleehl Gali Aks Elementary, Mount Elizabeth Middle/Secondary and New Hazelton Elementary Schools who will attend at 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 6
  • The Alternate Bus Times for the afternoon of September 6 only for Kitwanga/Hazelton Schools and Mount Elizabeth Middle/Secondary School as well as the 2022-2023 Bus Schedule/Routes effective September 6 and 7 respectively are available here (click on link to view).

Regular school hours and bus runs will begin on Wednesday, September 7. Access the following links to view the 2022-2023 Return to School Messages and Bus Routes including school contacts:

CMSD82 2022-23 Hazelton-Kitwanga Return to School Message & Bus Routes
CMSD82 2022-23 Kitimat Return to School Message & Bus Routes
CMSD82 2022-23 Stewart Return to School Message
CMSD82 2022-23 Terrace-Thornhill Return to School Message & Bus Routes

Should you have questions or concerns regarding bus routing and scheduling the following steps are suggested:

1)   Contact your child’s/children’s School Principal.
2)  Contact the Operations Manager at Diversified Transportation bus lines at 250-635-7042 or 1-855-538-5287 for out of town.


2022-2023 School Supplies Lists



In preparation for the 2022-2023 school year, please find links to the School Supplies Lists as provided by Coast Mountains School District schools.  Please reference the additional notations detailed below.


Please Note:

Suwilaawks Community School provide classroom supplies to students at a fee of $40/student.  Details regarding payment for classroom supplies will be provided to parents/guardians during the first week of school.  This fee will cover the supplies required for the year.  Students are asked to bring: a clearly labelled water bottle, a backpack and indoor shoes suitable for all day wear and gym/sport activities.

Thornhill Primary School provide classroom supplies to students for a fee.  Parents/Guardians will be provided information during the first week of school.

Caledonia Secondary School (Grades 10-12), Kitimat City High School and Mount Elizabeth Middle/Secondary School (Grades 9-12) provide information relating to classroom supplies to students during the first week of school.

Should you require further information during the summer months, please contact Carole Gagnon, Executive Assistant at the Board of Education Office at (250) 638-4401 or via email at  Alternatively, please contact your school during the last week of August 2022 for assistance.

We look forward to Coast Mountains’ students return to school on September 6, 2022.

Have a wonderful summer!